Why Waggle?

Waggle gives every student appropriately challenging content through adaptive practice. Students work independently on the skills and standards their teacher is covering, tailored to their specific needs. Teachers discover exactly how each student struggles or excels and students get help where and when they need it most.

Right Challenge,
Right Time

Waggle looks for more than correct answers. Waggle continually analyzes each student’s decisions and progress. That way, students get tougher practice material right when they’re ready for it.

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Productive Struggle

Waggle motivates students to push themselves forward. How? Through helpful hints, supportive feedback, and achievement badges that build grit and confidence.

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Real-time Practical Insights

Waggle instantly tells you how well students are learning and alerts you to new insights dynamically sorted into groups by skill or student. When learning becomes more personalized, instructional conversations improve.

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Waggle Works

Waggle Works and we’re happy to share the success from the thousands of schools and districts using Waggle and seeing true proficiency growth.

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Waggle in the School
Waggle Users
Press Release
Waggle Wins SIIA Education Technology CODiE Award
Case Study pdf-thumb
Urban, High-Poverty Charter School Demonstrates Significant Gains with Waggle
Case Study
Success Story pdf-thumb
Wynnebrook Soars with Waggle
Success Story
Case Study pdf-thumb
Adaptive Practice Helps Elementary School In High Poverty, Crime Stricken Area Close Achievement Gaps
Case Study

More About Waggle


Waggle helps students in Grades 2-8 supplement their core curriculum with rigorous practice.


They work through 11 types of interactive questions driven by each student’s behavior and pace.


Students practice skills online for 1-2 hours on their own every week.


“The percentage of students who reached their NWEA growth target was the highest it’s ever been, and I’m sure Waggle played a part in that success.”

Rhonda Richetta

Principal at City Springs


“We were an outlier for the whole state as one of the few schools who made gains from the FCAT to the FSA. The FSA is a more difficult test, and yet the students were even more successful.”

Jeff Pegg

Principal at Wynnebrook Elementary