We are committed to providing the support you need for successful implementation of Waggle and blended learning. To this end, we have built a team of professionals dedicated to partnering with you during the on-boarding, training and management of Waggle. We believe that a strong partnership with our Waggle customers is critical to success. From professional development services all the way to live chat for technical questions, we support you and your teachers and students.


On-boarding can be done either manually or via Waggle’s automated roster management partner, Clever. Our team will assist you with either selection and work with you to get you up and running.


We offer a multitude of training workshops for your teachers and administrators. Training has been made simple by pre-determining how many workshops are needed; workshop specifics will be determined by the implementation model(s) and specific needs of each school and district. Go to Professional Development for more information.

On-going Account Support

Our Digital Project Managers handle the day-to-day support of your account once you’ve started Waggling. They are dedicated to reviewing your usage and account data with you to help you inform your instruction and working with you to make sure Waggle is worked seamlessly into your goals for instruction.

On-going Technology Support

Our team of Implementation Specialists is easily reached via email, phone or chat to help answer any questions that come up during the course of the school day and beyond!

Implementation Models

Waggle is a flexible program that is implemented in a variety of environments across the country. We have built implementation models to guide you, and we are here to support you to develop customized implementations.