Our Customers

Rhonda Richetta

Principal, City Springs, Baltimore, MD

“The percentage of students who reached their NWEA growth target was the highest it’s ever been, and I’m sure Waggle played a part in that success.”

Amy Dujon

Director of Leadership/Professional Development, School District of Palm Beach County, FL

“Waggle is a tool that builds autonomy, informs instruction, and provides resources that will empower your teachers to help students reach the full intent and rigor of the standards.”

Jennifer Couch

Assistant Principal, Palmetto Middle School, Anderson, SC

“We were looking for a digital platform, both teacher and student friendly, that provides standards-based practice in a way that is engaging, motivating, and challenging to our middle school students. Waggle provides all of those for us, along with the support and customer service to listen and adapt to our

What Makes Waggle Unique?

Rigorous, individualized content.

(Oh, and it’s a lot of fun!)

Right Challenge,
Right Time

Waggle presents each student with the right challenge at the right time.  It looks for more than the correct answer…

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Productive Struggle

Waggle empowers students to decide when (or if!) they need help tackling tough material.  And when they persist…

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Real-time Practical Insights

Waggle makes data accessible for teachers and students alike.  Real-time insight helps teachers to strategically use classroom…

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Waggle Gets Results

Case Study
Urban, High-Poverty Charter School Demonstrates Significant Gains with Waggle
Case Study
Press Release
Waggle Wins SIIA Education Technology CODiE Award
Success Story
Wynnebrook Soars with Waggle
Success Story
Case Study
Adaptive Practice Helps Elementary School In High Poverty, Crime Stricken Area Close Achievement Gaps
Case Study
Waggle User
Waggle User
Teachers Explain Waggle

More About Waggle


Waggle provides rigorous academic content in a format loved by students in Grades 2-8.


Students learn to fly as they work through 11 types of adaptive, interactive questions.


Waggle is perfect for use in and out of the classroom.  We suggest 1-2 hours per week.