Waggle Believes

Waggle launched in June, 2014.  Since day one, we’ve worked tirelessly to nurture the minds of young lifelong learners.   Some companies show up for work, but we show up for our calling.  Waggle combines sound research with practical, real-life know-how to produce results in and out of the classroom.

We also have a few core beliefs that guide everything we do:

Student achievement is possible at schools of all shapes and sizes.

Instructors are ready for personalized learning plans for their students.

Administrators see value in Waggle’s track record of improving standardized test scores.

Executive Team

Meet our team of dreamers and achievers.

Aoife Dempsey


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Cherie Black


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Danna Fox


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Jess Hall


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Bonnie Louque


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Aoife Dempsey


Aoife is the fearless leader of Waggle. She was in the room where it all began in 2014. Aoife has 20 years of experience building platforms and manages all aspects of the Waggle team and product.

"Educators are fearless in K12. They are willing to experiment and try new things even though it’s so difficult for them with the competing demands on their time. I want to spend my time with these educators helping them figure out what works for their kids."

A native of Ireland, she believes pigs will fly when people pronounce her name right on the first try (hint: eee – fa )

Cherie Black

Chief Operating Officer

Cherie is Waggle's experienced and driven COO. She's been with the team since (almost) day one, and she hasn't looked back since. Cherie's role at Waggle bridges her love of education and desire to create cutting-edge technology.

Prior to her time at Waggle, Cherie was the VP PMO at McGraw-Hill and Ovid Technologies and spent ten years as a technical project manager.

While fearless in her role as COO, Cherie is wary of snakes in the wild... and who can blame her?

Danna Fox

Vp Sales

Danna joined Waggle in 2016 as VP of Sales based out of Dallas, TX. Danna lives and breathes Software as a Service (SaaS) and believes that elementary schools are ready for a technological revolution.

Before Waggle, Danna spent 15 years finding solutions that made sense for schools and businesses of all shapes and sizes.

Danna is a die-hard Steelers fan living in the heart of Cowboys Country who served our country in the United States Air Force for over four years.

Jess Hall

Vp Customer Implementation

Jessica has been in the world of education for over 14 years. She joined the Waggle team in December of 2014 because she believed that the program was truly revolutionary.

"I joined Waggle because I saw a need to build exceptional customer experiences in the K12 ed. tech space. I knew that Waggle had the potential to make an enormous impact on students' and teachers' lives... Plus, I share Waggle's belief that all students deserve access to an excellent education."

Bonnie Louque

Chief Academic Officer

Bonnie joins the Waggle team as the Chief Academic Officer. Bonnie has extensive experience in and out of the classroom, being nationally recognized as "Teacher of the Year" as well as serving as the National Sales & Marketing Director for GE Capital ITS.

Bonnie's passion for making a difference in the lives of all students drives her involvement in several causes, including bully prevention and character development.

As a Six Sigma Green Belt, Bonnie pioneered methodologies and go-to market strategies that changed the way many technology providers delivered products in the K12 market.